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Customised Online Campaign

As a social media marketing agency, we do listen for what you need. Ain’t no time for online project planning? We will sort this out for you with a strategize planning of the online campaign from preliminary stage to post campaign. Just throw us the brief and we will handle the rest. 


Our Process For Project: 

  1. Tell Us more about your project – First, you will need to complete a list of questionnaires to help us understand your business. It’s extremely helpful when you can provide our team with a strong example of designs you like and what you are aiming for.

  2. Initial Drafts – Once we have gotten all the information, we will create drafts and present it to you. Our graphic designers will gauge your feedback on the drafts and get back to work to finish the project. 

  3. Make Edits when necessary –  We expect to receive your honest feedback so that we can tailor to your expectation and satisfaction through verbal and written comments so we won’t miss any important details. 

  4. Delivery of Final Project – After a few rounds of tweaking, we will finalise the project and deliver the final artwork so you can make use of the creation to impress and build trust with your customers. 

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